I have no idea what happened to Wednesday.

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It’s Thursday, hot and humid. I don’t remember what happened to Wednesday–I didn’t have classes, but a busy day and I just never got here to post anything. Not that it really matters, right?? It’s just for me, anyway.

Working on homework, as usual. Have  a pretty good to-do list of school and other things to get accomplished. Walked this morning and will do so again this evening. Tomorrow is my longer walk day…will hope to get at least my 4.5 miles in!!

Tuesday, test day!!

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Today is Tuesday and again, it was a beautiful warm day…the first day of Summer.

Macy and I walked this morning, then it was off to school for me!! Tuesday’s are my busiest days for school. I had a mid-term in Principles of Business class tonight. I think it went well, I feel pretty confident that I did well on the test. All classes are going well.

Not a lot else going on…we did find out that we may have to wait an extra day to get married…because we will be on a cruise, apparently we can’t get married while at sea. I wanted the date to be 1/2, but it looks like that may not happen. So…may be adding an extra day to the countdown!!

Check back in tomorrow!!

Monday, feeling energized!!

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What a gorgeous day!! Sunny and beautiful. Earlier this morning when Macy and I walked, it was about 65*…just right. We did our usual neighborhood stroll, sniffing and “watering” neighbors yards. After taking Macy home, I continued to walk another 2 miles and felt really good. With iPod playing, and the cool temperature it was just a truly beautiful morning walk. I was home by 9:20 am with 3 1/4 miles done. I have since eaten breakfast, made a BIG iced coffee and vacuumed the upstairs. I am now catching up on the emails and starting my assignments for the day which include working more on my business plan and studying for math and a business mid-term tomorrow.

Looks like it’s going to be a great day…I’m just going to go with that…let’s plan on it being a great and why wouldn’t it be just that??

I do believe a dip in the pool will happen around my lunchtime break!!